"It doesn't matter what make or model you work on but it is important how you work… We work for perfection. Fabrizio ""Sugar"" Favre

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the surrounding areas

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  • Tires

  • Batteries

  • Oil and filters

  • Brakes

  • Replacing drain brake fluids

  • Brake discs

  • High strength brake pipes

The specialized mechanics at Favre Motorcycles & Lui Inc. provide you with repair work and replacement of engine components, transmissions, electrical, and electronic components. We can operate at all levels of repair in a mechanical environment, applied to motorcycles and derivatives.

Knowing about mechanical work in-depth and experience not only in the workshop but also in the design and build has put us inevitably to a high-level of professionalism. Our experience and knowledge allows short-time diagnostics and correct repair times.

Service and repair for all motorcycle types

Trust us to be your motorcycle service shop

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Maintenance and service on any brands and models of domestic and exotic motorcycles

  • Spark plugs

  • Clean carburetors and alignments

  • Replace bearings steering

  • Change wheel bearings

  • Replace fork oil seals

  • Front suspension

  • Transmission kit

Mastery of chassis geometry, the engineering education on the characteristics of the materials and workmanship of metals, and preparation systems for cushioning and "loads of weights" allow us to design motorcycles also "from scratch" (built entirely handmade). We're also able to work on existing frame to vary its forms and characteristics.


Even combinations of components and assemblies are essential to achieve special exclusive and personalized work. The components are manufactured by a professional guarantee of safety, reliability, and durability because they are built with engineering criteria that integrate exterior look and functionality.

Works of design, build, and assembly

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