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Custom Built Radiators Available. Built for performance

The basic concepts

More horsepower is generated by the engine and more heat is generated. When the engine reaches about 85 ° C (185 ° F) starts to lose power and when it reaches 118 ° C (244.4 ° F) are lost up to 6-7 HP with the risk of serious damage. Cooling is one of the main causes of failure in any type of race, demanding tourism, and areas with high temperatures. : the radiator is important to the performance and durability of the engine.

The basic concepts

The radiator removes heat from engine. This function is realized by the fluid that carries the heat out of the engine to the radiator. In the cooler fluid passes through the network of tubes / fins which dissipate heat.

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Because an oversize aluminum radiator

Although the radiator concept is very simple, being able to to work the radiator in extreme racing conditions or tourism is not easy. The radiators of motorcycle series are not designed to withstand the stresses from the race and from tourism, both in terms of toughness and performance. A series of radiators are installed on motorcycles designed for colder countries, as to the most torrid, without distinction.


The radiators for road use is designed to carry out the task required at the lowest possible cost. The result is their ability to cool the engine of a motorcycle during normal use, certainly not under the stress of a competition or very high tropical temperatures. or where the stops at traffic lights are endless. The tubes of a radiator are the primary source of cooling while the fins are secondary. Since the tubes are more expensive of the fins, manufacturers tend to increase the number of fins and decrease the number of the tubes. In a good aluminum radiator is done the opposite: more surface area of ​​the tubes and less fins increase the cooling power. The high number of fins can also compromise the performance of the radiator: more fins decrease the space through which pass the dirt and debris, making it difficult for the cooling obtained by the air that passes through the radiator.

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